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The Value of Experienced Franchise development firms When Franchising Your Business

As businesses grow, a common question asked is, “What should be my next step for expansion?” This is an important question, as the answer can chart your course toward continued success or abject failure. A popular growth option is franchising. But, even a Google search on franchising your business yields a wide panoply of data, much of it contradictory. 

This is where the services of an experienced franchise development firms really show their value. A firm with experienced franchise experts can help you analyze your business with an eye toward franchising, and chart a successful course for your company’s franchising future. 

What Is a Franchise Consultant and What Do They Do?

A consultant is typically defined as someone who gives advice or expertise in a specific field. A franchise consultant is similar to a regular business consultant, except their expertise is in the realm of business franchising. A franchise consultant guides business owners who wish to expand their brand through offering franchises. 

They help people discover what is the best strategy for expanding their business, and they can help them grow their franchise once it is established. Having an experienced franchisor nearby and available to answer your questions about franchising and being successful can do wonders for growing your franchise. 

Why Use a Franchise Consultant to Franchise My Business?

A franchise consultant from Franchise Guardian® possesses ample experience and resources in the industry. In many cases, they have owned franchises themselves, operate Franchises companies that they have founded, or built businesses through franchising. Therefore, can share their knowledge and experience render tangible and intangible services, as they guide you through the process of franchising your business. 

An experienced franchising consultant at Franchise development firms can help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that inexperienced franchisors often make. You could save money simply by learning from their mistakes and wisdom. Let’s explore a bit more of how a Franchise Guardian® consultant can help you franchise your business. 

Experienced Franchise Development

Franchise Guardian® simplifies the entire process for brand launching via franchising using our “Guardian Strategy” and hands-on approach differentiating Franchise Guardian® from most Franchise development firms. With decades of experience, coupled with our streamlined processes and support systems, your franchise agreements, franchise disclosure documents, trademark application/registration, state filings and compliance are completed within 45 days and tailored to your business concept.

Franchise Guardian® doesn’t stop there! Step by step, we work with you building a sound infrastructure, creating revenue streams, selling franchises, and consulting on all facets of building a national brand. Don’t risk partnering with unexperienced consultants who try to sell you their particular brand or have little real knowledge of the franchising industry. Let Franchise Guardian® be your trusted guide. What you can expect when working with a seasoned, full service Franchise Development firm such as Franchise Guardian®;

  • A fully executed development plan based on Decades of collective experience

*  Creating unit buildout Blueprints for easy replication of your units or concept

*  Executing your Franchise disclosure document 

*  Executing your Franchise agreement 

*  Executing your area development agreement 

*  Filing your registration for compliance 

*  Preparing your operating manual for your franchisees

*  Creating franchise opportunities pages for your website and listings

*  Implementing changes to your website for superiority in your segment

*  Creating social media platforms and/or creating initial social launch

*  Listing your Franchise opportunity on FG lead portals that convert 

*  Writing Hyper focused Press release that get published on highly visited news channels 

*  Creating and Branding slogans, marks, copyrights and patents 

*  Launching marketing campaign geared towards Franchise opportunities

*  Implementing changes for franchise sales and national expansion

*  Market research, analysis and implementations relative to your sector

*  Creating your Franchise Model and marketability

*  Developing Franchise revenue streams 

*  Determining your Franchise Fee based on experience and knowledge of your sector    

*  Determining your Royalty Fee Based on experience and knowledge on your sector 

*  Determining monthly and annual marketing Fee and frequency 

*  Writing owner and management teams profiles 

*  Audit of your “mark in use” and file your Trademark(s) 

*  Creating sound systems for streamlined internal operations Franchisees depend on

*  Setting exclusivity ranges for territory for single and multi unit operators 

*  Providing the internal support systems franchisee depend on

*  Training personnel and consulting on staffing needs

*  Developing internal and external distribution systems for increased revenues

*  Creation of powerful digital presentations for Prospective franchisees 

*  Franchise knowledge based session geared towards understanding how to manage 

  • On-going consultancy in order to avoid very costly pitfalls and experience success 

As you can see, the right franchise development firms will more than create your Framework, but will set your Franchise model up for success and longevity. Just like starting any business, you will need to be equipped and knowledgeable in order to experience initial and ongoing success. While the model and/or concept that offers products and/or services may have been founded by you, the franchise sector shifts your obligations and positions you as a CEO with different priorities, one in which is clear, the selling of turnkey businesses, your franchise. With the Bulleted services provided above, your Franchise company will be built for success.   

The Guardian Strategy

Franchise Guardian® utilizes a strategy that we call the “Guardian Strategy” that ensures you can easily manage the rapid growth you will experience in the franchise sector. From creating the entire infrastructure and foundation for franchising success, to providing you with a sales force that vets and presents your opportunity using our proprietary digital presentation for optimal experience and conversions, our strategy leaves no voids. 

Franchise Guardian® deploys modernized methods and techniques that illustrate your brands values and opportunity to prospective franchisees with pinpoint precision that results in the highest success rates, conversion and growth. When working with Franchise Guardian® experts, you will never be overwhelmed or worried about how to manage fast paced growth. We are your all-in-one corporate team behind the scenes.

A Paradigm of Experts on Your Team

Franchise Guardian® has a broad diversity of talented professionals that are equipped to offer counsel and solve problems from experience, not guesswork. These include: 

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Digital Marketing 
  • SEO 
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Product Development 
  • Brand Restructuring 
  • Mergers 
  • Acquisitions 
  • Much, much more 

Whether guiding you through the obstacles that you will confront while preparing for national expansion, or issues that require a team or advise, Franchise Guardian® has you covered.

Expand Your Brand with Franchise Guardian®

With an experienced franchise consultant from a strong and experienced firm like Franchise Guardian®, you can take your business to new heights through franchising. Franchise Guardian® even provides assistance after your franchise is established to make sure you continue to enjoy growth and success. For more information about franchising your business, contact us to arrange a consultation. 


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