Bento Box Business Slashes Cost to Franchise

PORTLAND, Ore., July 20, 2021  ̶  The Samurai Lunch Box is digging deep financially and serving extra helpings of nourishment to help pull its community out of an economic trough.

Franchisors of the bento lunch box business is offering Portland-area entrepreneurs an opportunity to buy into the franchise at cost. An interested investor can own a Samurai Lunch Box food cart franchise now for a fraction of the startup cost. Usually, it costs from $90,000 to $140,000 to jumpstart a Samurai Lunch Box franchise, but owners have chopped the startup fees for the rest of this year. This franchise deal, with a price reduction of nearly 50 percent, is not one to miss.

“It can make a difference for someone on the verge of doing this,” said Summer Pommier, Samurai Lunch Box co-owner. “It might be a first-time business owner. If you take the fees away, it could be what they need to get started.”

Portland, like the rest of the country, is on a steady pace back to economic recovery. This month, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics clocked Portland’s unemployment rate at 5.8 percent; it was 13.4 percent around the same time last year. The city’s current unemployment number is just below the nation’s figure of 5.9 percent and slightly above the state’s 5.6 percent rate, which has dropped by .2 percent since May.

Despite its economic challenges, the City of Roses remains a utopia. Recently renamed one of the Best Places to Live in America, Portland currently ranks tenth on U.S. News and World Report’s 2021-2022 list of ideal metro areas. Portland’s low unemployment rate, its eccentric but friendly nature, and its ability to spawn new businesses and keep its violent crime rate below the nation’s amount in 2020 helped it to earn the honor.

Samurai Lunch Box franchisors are doing their part to ensure the city remains a bed of roses for residents and entrepreneurs. A community staple in the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood since the late 90s, the mobile food cart is known for serving fresh, grilled bento boxes at 6661 SE Milwaukie Ave. Pommier assumed ownership of the business in August 2018 with partner Corey Moultrie. She saids it’s more than just a place to buy and sell food.

“People stop and say hello, even if they don’t eat here,” Pommier explained. “It’s just another positive connection that makes people happy. There’s more to us than just the bento boxes.”

Likewise, a prospective Samurai Lunch Box franchisee must be able to connect with residents and invest time and energy into bettering Portland.
“This is an ideal opportunity for someone who wants to have something of their own and still be a part of the community,” Pommier said. “You have to want to be a part of your community and feed and nourish it. Those are the kind of business owners that thrive.”

As a franchisee, Samurai Lunch Box will ensure that you are operating in a way that has earned it so much success. It’s truly a turn-key proven operation for half the startup cost. With a team of entrepreneurs offering support, it is an opportunity that seldom presents itself.

Let us unbox the opportunity for you so that you can start boxing bento, today! Contact Franchise Guardian® at or (239) 599-9085.

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