Tech Repairs Lead to Expansion

Gadgetech is known for their prompt service on all repairs and their professionalism.

Popular Cell Phone Repair Store Ready to Go National With Tech Franchise Opportunity 

Cape Coral, FL—Gadgetech, Florida’s premier cell phone repair company, announced they are launching franchise opportunities for select areas across the United States. 

The store’s success in Florida and its effective franchise model ensure that cell phone owners across the country will get great service and timely repairs. 

“The brand’s momentum capitalizes on a tech boom in which more and more consumers prefer to fix their devices at locally-owned repair shops,” a Gadgetech representative said. 

Franchise Model Perfect Fit for Booming Tech Industry 

Gadgetech’s stores feature low start-up costs, intellectual property and a modern ambiance. These factors make it a prime opportunity for franchisees. 

In addition, Gadgetech offers a wide range of services pertinent to mobile users: 

  • iPhone repairs 
  • Used iPhone device sales 
  • Android repairs 
  • Used Android device sales 

Clients come to Gadgetech to get repairs. They enjoy the customer service and expertise they get. Then, they return again either to get more repairs or purchase a refurbished phone. 

This cycle decreases churn and leads to trust-based relationships with customers who refer Gadgetech to friends and family. 

Customers Love the Gadgetech Model 

Phone and device owners who don’t want to deal with impersonal big-box stores prefer the one-on-one service they get from Gadgetech professionals. 

Consequently, Gadgetech reputation precedes it wherever it goes. Past customers—whether local or visiting on business or leisure—praise the expertise and efficiency inherent in the company’s business model: 

“As a customer who always abuses his phones no matter the phone case, I have gone to Gadgetech for about 10 screens and 2 batteries. They always take care of their customers and are extremely polite and professional. It’s clear they take pride in customer service.” 

“While vacationing in Cape Coral, my wife accidentally dropped her phone from the dock into the water. We took it to Gadgetech the next day, and (they) had the phone operational again within 20 minutes. We are especially grateful because there were several vacation pictures and videos that were not yet backed up.” 

Ready to Open a Gadgetech? 

If you’re interested in getting your investment back in 30 days, we’ll help you do it. 

Contact us now to find out if you’re in a location where we offer Gadgetech opportunities. If you are, we’ll give you everything you need to know about the Gadgetech onboarding process.


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