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Franchise Guardian®, a team of Franchisor’s and successful entrepreneurs, streamlined the entire process to grow your brand quicker than any growth strategy in under 45 days, affordable for any business, GUARANTEED! To ensure trustworthiness, transparency, and for you to get to know who we are and what we do, we are offering the following for FREE to get you started!

  • FREE Video Production Franchise Guardian® has the best in house team of digital experts and we want to prove that for FREE. We will provide your company with a FREE video illustrating your brands products or services in under 3 days with NO strings and again, NO CHARGE!
  • FREE Digital Marketing Franchise Guardian® breathes life into our clients online presence using our Digital works™ Marketing strategy. We will provide you with our strategy to grow online FOR FREE!
  • FREE ConsultingWith Decades of business development and expansion, we have been challenged in just about every area of business. As such, we are prolific problem solvers with real world experience. We will learn about your brand, your goals, what we can provide, suggested changes and more, FREE OF CHARGE FOR 1 WEEK.

So how can I grow my business fast and what revenue streams can be added?

First, the answer to growing rapidly is franchising your model by using Franchise Guardian® experts that have done it, and by using our streamlined methods that are now affordable, for the first time, for any business! The revenue streams created by franchising are many, however, we have bulleted some of the revenue streams that you can look forward to. Please note, revenues per business vary, the numbers below are examples, we will apply your monthly averages to the projected amount of locations in order to determine your overall revenues for your business. Based on our extremely conservative projection of only 10 franchise locations, using the numbers below, this example of combined income for this franchise Model, totals OVER TWO MILLION DOLLARS in PROFIT (GROSS NET)… Reach out and find out how today!   

  • Franchise feeFranchise fees can vary vastly. The average franchise fee is $35,000.00 but can be in the hundreds of thousands. Franchise fees are Non refundable fees, paid upfront, to operate your brands name and methods of operations.
  • Monthly Royalty feesThe average royalty fee is 7% of gross revenues monthly. Example; if your location is generating $50,000.00 in revenues each month, with a 7% royalty fee, your Franchise would generate $3,500.00 in royalty fees per location per month.
  • Monthly Franchise marketing fundThe average marketing fund fee is 2% of gross revenues monthly. Example based on the above generating $50,000.00 in revenues monthly, equals $1,000.00 per location.
  • Distribution earnings as sole distributor for each franchised locationConsider distributing just a single product to a location as a wholesaler or Distributor... Now imagine selling every product carried at a given location. As Franchisor, you can elect to sell all products to your Franchise units. This would most likely be your largest revenue stream. If you have not established distribution systems, we will facialite you in creating them. Average earnings on a percentage basis equals 15% to 40% of Each units monthly earnings, In this example it is $50,000.00.
  • Multi unit development feesThis fee would generally be the franchise fee times the number of units developed. 3-5 units are the most common agreements reached. This equals Approximately $75,000.00 to $150,000.00
  • Yearly marketing fund contributionFranchisees Pay into Marketing fund "Marketing contribution", usually twice a year. This fee is generally between $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 dollars per unit.
  • Theres more...These are just the standard revenue streams you can look forward to when you franchise your concept. But there are more revenue streams and a lot more benefits in growing using the most successful avenue for growth ever created. Learn how our strategy will work for any business today! When using our strategy, it is not unreasonable to project over 10 units in your first year and we can prove it...

Did you know that Franchise model based businesses are 95% more likely to succeed in comparison to a Mom and Pop operation?


The reason for this high success rate are many, but at the top of the list is simply because Franchisee’s do not like trial and error, hence they will follow your system, they like your brand and want to be a part of something larger, proven, and secure. The Franchisor has an already established brand, a following, proven methods of operations, and the support systems to ensure brand success and growth, making Franchising a win-win for both the Franchisee, and Franchisor! 

Franchise Guardian® will provide the following

for you to launch your brand nationally in under 45 days! 

  • Franchise Development Franchise Guardian® attorneys will prepare all of your legal framework fast and stress free! While Franchise Guardian® Consultants work with you to structure your power brand for national launch, our attorneys will be ensuring your legal framework is executed with precision, accuracy and confidence! This is included in our full Guardian strategy package, and will be as simple as approving the final draft.
  • Your Personal Sales ForceNow that your phones, emails and social notifications will increase significantly from interested entrepreneurs nationally and globally, you will need seasoned, experienced and trained professionals to vet and present your brand to prospects with pin point precision. This is why Franchise Guardian® takes this to a whole new level of importance and seriousness. We have a full time sales force that vets and illustrates your brand to prospects using our proprietary modernized digital methods that surpasses commonly used, yet outdated powerpoint presentations which results in the highest conversation rates in the industry. Don't overwhelm yourself, FG staff are here for you from start to success!
  • Strategic ConsultingFranchise Guardian has experience in so many sectors that give us a unique perspective on behaviors, trends, marketing and a host of additional stats that you need to know to beat out your competition. While our main services focus on brand expansion, we offer consulting services that solve business owners problems or provides fresh perspectives. As a Franchise Guardian client, you will automatically receive free consultation for no less then 6 months. However, if you are looking for seasoned consultants with real world experience to take a fresh look at an issue, or simply need advise, We are ready for you!
  • Your infrastructureNaturally, when growing into a statewide, national and even international brand, you will need systems to be streamlined, sound and organized. Franchise Guardian® leadership owns and operates Franchises, have developed many and are seasoned in business development and expansion. As such, we will provide you with all of the systems that the most successful brands use, including our brands, and tailor everything to ensure it is consistent with you brands methods of operations, principals and values. See all of our services for more information on everything our strategy includes.
  • Fast Business Funding Franchise Guardian® even offers funding for those looking to grow aggressively, or simply need funding. We have the ability to fund business loans within 48 hours. From steps payments options, to business funding for business capital, Franchise Guardian® has you covered! And remember, you can hire us for one service or all! Work at your pace and Grow your brand today!
  • Lead GenerationNow that you are offering your brand to entrepreneurs ready to tap into the next best thing, you will now need to consider lead generation as a focus point of your new business agenda. Through years of experience we know exactly where and how your marketing budget needs to be allocated for success. Most importantly, we know where NOT to spend, and where to! As such, you can have peace of mind in knowing that lead generation will NOT be a concern or a trial and error experience.
  • Digital MarketingThe Tactics used for decades are becoming more and more ineffective and simply do not produce the ROI they once did. This is why Franchise Guardian® has created a complete marketing solution for all businesses. "Digital work's" is our digital strategy that produces results that print and radio could never render in todays marketplace. Our digital solution changes your Digital curbside appeal, expands your digital footprint, drives traffic and outshines your competition.Let's make it work with "Digital work's"!
  • Website DevelopmentFranchise Guardian® has an in house team of website expert developers that produce stunning, fully optimized, responsive and user friendly websites that are affordable, and more importantly, themes and designs that ensure your digital footprint is superior and screams that YOU are a national power brand!
  • National SEOWhen deciding to launch your brand nationally, you will now need to rank nationally. That is why Franchise Guardian® has mastered SEO on a national level providing the onsite and off site SEO services needed to achieve this. You will not have to worry about how or what SEO actually is, you can depend on Franchise Guardian® to do all of the hard lifting to get YOU in front of the right people on a national stage!
  • And much moreVisit our Guardian Strategy service guide for all the services we offer for any business type, model, new or existing, an idea or for a little guidance, Franchise Guardian® is a business for businesses...Expand the right way, using a strategy that is proven and thrives

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Meet some of our successful brands! 

Martial arts franchise

You cant franchise a Technique, nobody would pay for that… Tell that to Premier Martial Arts who now has over 100 locations and is now expanding internationally. Just Because you are a Martial artist, does not mean you have the business model figured out. This is why franchising is so powerful and misunderstood at the same time…Whether a service, product, E-commerce, a technique or any other sector, we can franchise it and GROW!  

Winnie Couture is a world-renowned bridal fashion house specializing in hand crafted wedding dresses designed with love in Beverly Hills, California. Winnie’s impeccably crafted and profoundly feminine wedding dresses have earned her a devoted international following. Her designs are celebrity favorites for red carpet events and weddings, as seen on Kelly Clarkson, Giuliana Rancic, Helen Hunt, Lea Michele and many more. Rub shoulders with your favorite celebs, or dress them with a Winnie Couture Franchise outlet! Winnie Couture, the best in bridal!

Glass Franchise company

Glass Guru had it right when they added “guru” to their Brands name! Approaching 200 locations and almost 1,000 employees, they are no longer a “small business. Just like many Franchise models, everyone plays their respective role in growing the brand, and everyone benefits. If you think that your concept is not “Franchisable”, tell that to Glass Guru…

Franchising has NO LIMITS, no sector boundaries, and NO ceiling! Growing from one to 15 locations in just over a year is a HUGE success! We can even do it with no campaigns as this franchise grew solely on organic reach. Approaching its 3rd year franchising and selling over two dozen franchises organically is nothing short of a success story… Done right, the results, astonishing! Guardian executed!

Coffee franchise

And you thought that Starbucks was the only game in town, or should we say country? That’s right, Just love Coffee is expanding QUICKLY across the US offering Franchise opportunities to all that “just love Coffee”! With their vast selection of rare and delicious coffee, Just love coffee is truly something to love!

BIG is exactly what Big Frog Tee’s had in mind when they launched their brand nationally. Many would think that launching a Tee shirt Franchise may not work considering how it is Just Tee shirts, think again… They are now approaching 60 locations and expected to increase significantly in 2019! Have NO doubts, when you choose the fasted growth vehicle ever created, and it is done right, the results are clear, SUCCESS!