Franchise Digital Marketing Techniques

Franchise Digital Marketing Techniques


Let’s emphasize the obvious: Covid 19 had a severe impact on business. Many struggled, reduced staff, or shut down. Franchises are among the companies attempting to recover as the world slowly starts to open up again. According to Statista statistics, there are more than 750,000 franchise businesses operating in the US that generate around $670 billion in revenue and employ 7.5 million people. Additionally, they believe that real estate, full-service restaurants, commercial and residential services, and quick-service restaurants are currently the top franchise sectors. Franchise owners and staff are aware that as franchises become more popular, there is more competition. Therefore, it is more important than ever to have solid Franchise Digital Marketing Techniques and action plans.


However, what was effective for franchises five or ten years ago might not be so effective now. In fact, 42% of franchise professionals “no longer feel that traditional marketing methods, including advertising, direct marketing, and public relations are worth the cost,” according Advisley team leader in marketing. Those who do it well are aware that keeping up with the most recent digital marketing techniques can mean the difference between your company thriving or failing.


You can create a strong digital marketing plan for your franchise brand using these 8 best practices.


  1. Use a multi-channel, coordinated strategy. The majority of Franchise Digital Marketing Techniques will involve a variety of strategies, including paid advertisements, organic social media, and search engine optimization (SEO). However, if each of these tactics is operating in isolation, you can get consistency problems.Your total franchise marketing strategy ought to be more effective than the sum of its parts. Effective communication is the best method to guarantee coherence. Whether your marketing is done in-house or by an agency, you should ideally have a team managing each component and communicating with one another about campaigns and objectives on a regular basis.


  1. Give local SEO priorityLocal SEO focuses on applying optimization strategies to draw clients from a specific region. This strategy’s importance for franchise digital marketing should therefore come as no surprise. Make sure each of your locations has a verified, accurate, and optimized Google Business Profile as one of the first things you can do to get your local SEO in top form. Additionally, you should make sure that every local directory listing contains the most recent and correct information, especially considering how things like business hours may change during the epidemic. Other strategies for ensuring the success of your local SEO include:


  •           A mobile-friendly website is a must
  •          An online sitemap
  •          Making your Google Business Profile complete
  •          attempting to (ethically) promote customer reviews
  •          On your website and landing pages, use local keywords.
  1. Examine geofencing to gain an advantage over rivals. Although geofencing is one of the more recent digital marketing strategies to emerge, it has already gained popularity. In order to transmit warnings to mobile devices when users approach or leave the geofenced zone, geofences use virtual GPS points, as stated by Inuit. Similar to an invisible fence, geofencing is a virtual geographic barrier. Therefore, marketing initiatives can be automatically offered up to people when they are in a specific location. This location-based business targets people in a particular, “geofenced” region with adverts, special offers, notifications, and more using smartphone data from GPS, WiFi, or cellular networks.Although expensive, this is an excellent tool for hyper-targeting. You can use it to draw attention to visitors to your rivals’ franchise locations.For the majority of Franchise Digital Marketing Techniques and plans, digital ads—whether paid search, social, display, or all of the above—are a crucial component. Paid advertisements in general may be a very efficient approach to highlight your value propositions and spread the word about things like new updates or enhancements.By enabling you to highlight your brand’s distinctive offers or advantages that set you apart from industry rivals, they can also assist you in establishing your position as an industry leader.

          The following are examples of best practices for franchise pay-per-click (PPC) or paid search ads:


  •            Utilize local keywords in a number of regional ads.
  •            Make unique landing pages for varied locales and search phrases.
  •            Examine both Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads.
  •            Run A/B testing on copy and visuals, among other things.
  •            Monitor, analyze, and iterate based on ad performance on a regular basis.
  •            Create valuable content everyday.
  •            Hyper focus on Demographics.
  •           An expert Franchise marketing team


  1. Recognize how to reconcile global perspective with local knowledge.One of the most challenging challenges for franchises to overcome when developing and fine-tuning their digital marketing strategies is balancing a national perspective with local activities. For your brand to keep expanding and expanding its reach, you must adopt a national perspective.But what may turn one-time customers into evangelists is the attention to detail surrounding more regional, personalized experiences.Use these two ideas as a baseline for your plan to make sure you’re covering all the bases.Do your goals adhere to the broader mission and messaging of the brand? Are there sufficient alternatives for targeting a particular area or region? For best outcomes, you should consider both the forest and the trees.


  1. Promote interaction with your brand’s narrativeSome franchises find it difficult to compete with companies that have more locally owned, “local” feel due to their many locations.Your brand story can help with that. You may promote more empathy by emphasizing things like your company’s mission, basic beliefs, and history.People are more loyal to companies that share their values because they feel a better feeling of connection. Putting the focus on the individuals who create your brand is another approach to accomplish this.According to Entrepreneur, displaying the human side of your business increases your credibility with clients and potential customers and can aid in the development of long-lasting connections.


  1. Let customers know you value their opinions. Another strategy for fostering a strong bond with your clients? Allow them to feel heard. Being aware of client opinions benefits your brand’s reputation and also enables you to monitor public perception of your entire operation. Including a straightforward feedback form to your website to collect comments is a wonderful place to start. By including the quotes in your social network, you may also repurpose compliments or other feedback. Social media channels are excellent for getting feedback. Create a poll or get feedback from your followers on a proposed new service, product, or logo design. (Spoiler: People enjoy expressing their opinions.) Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep track of your internet reviews so you can respond quickly to any unfavorable comments or difficulties.


  1. Remain mindful of your desired client persona. It could be time to review your targeting if you’re done everything mentioned above and still having trouble engaging with your audience. After all, your commercials and social media posts should all directly address your target client persona (ICP). Of course, as a franchise, you shouldn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to targeting. Instead, you should think carefully about your options for region-specific targeting (which will vary depending on the platform you’re utilizing). Making targeted landing pages based on the most popular search terms used by your target audience, like “near me,” is another smart move. At the end of the day, you want to communicate with your ICP in plain terms and in their own language.


The lesson

Franchise Digital Marketing Techniques, know-how and a core understanding between the difference of traditional product and services marketing strategies have significant challenges. However, there are numerous prospects for growth if you understand the issues and solve the problem through your team of experienced and expert teams and firms. Finding a marketing strategy that enables strategic, manageable growth that can be cultivated and maintained is the trick. When it comes to putting the aforementioned advice into practice without overburdening your present marketing staff, finding a full-service digital marketing agency that understands franchise offerings, specifically, is a terrific resource or a full service franchise growth firm like Franchise Guardian®.


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