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Franchise Guardian® is excited to announce its completion of the official launch of the most sophisticated, advanced, digital solution for franchise systems ever developed, FranPort. FranPort solves endless issues by creating a powerful digital infrastructure over traditional and historical methods franchise systems currently use, and further by integrating powerful technology, and Franchise software solutions into the system thus streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and providing automated growth systems. 


The original idea was conceived by Franchise Guardian’s CEO and founder, Kevin Monahan in early 2018. Being a franchisor himself, he knew that there had to be a better way to manage all of the moving parts of a franchise system. Franchise systems are far more complex than traditional mom-and-pop establishments, not to take away from their complexities and challenges, however, those that know franchising, wouldn’t argue that franchising has far more internal and external challenges and considerations with a heightened fiduciary responsibility concerning managing the franchise systems and adding value for its stakeholders, franchisees, and staff. CEOs and executive franchise teams understand the need for sound and solid infrastructure for sustainable growth, and foundational Streamlined operations and FranPort provides those needs and much more. 


One can argue that software solutions currently exists for just about anything these days, but hardly an all-in-one Franchise software solutions like FranPort, and certainly not customized for franchising specifically, with capabilities to white label the entire system, truly adding game-changing software solutions for franchise systems. While FranPort can and is used for businesses that are not Franchise systems, it is found to add even more value for franchises as it adds a proprietary component to for its users. The CEO of GrubMate states that “Before FranPort my team was bogged down with endless administrative tasks and spending significant amounts on ineffective marketing portals, and we even had systemic issues we didn’t even know we had until we used FranPort and Franchise Guardian teams to change everything we were going, it’s completely changed everything for us”. FranPort even offers incentives for chains that plug the software into their franchise units, such as paying the Franchisors for using franport, which is a tremendous benefit on top of many.


FranPort provides a complete, single log-in business suite for its users. Stacked with CRMs, task and project management, company mobile app, automated billing/invoicing, eSigning, scheduling, internal and external communications functions, sales funnels, email marketing, file transfers, payment gateways, onboarding, LMS software for training all within the platform and in the portal, making the software not only attractive but arguably one of the most powerful innovations for franchising and business as a whole to date. The software itself replaces over 20 platforms that most businesses pay monthly fees for each and have to learn and teach teams each. With FranPort franchises no longer have to pay for dozens of platforms and the learning curves and the time it takes to teach teams each platform, adding even more value.


But it doesn’t end there! The software is loaded with automations, conditional triggers, and customizations to meet the needs of any business type and model, which in effect reduces errors and adds accountability structures, increases productivity, drives growth and conversion significantly, provides professional appeal, and, drives down cost and mistakes for redundant daily tasks such as billing, emails, contracts and so much more! FranPort revolutionizes so many areas of Franchising and is changing how systems will operate in the future with the most innovative Franchise software solutions yet!

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