Who we are and what we do

Franchise Guardian® is a team of accomplished entrepreneurs with proven track records of success that have created the most highly structured, proven and best strategy for streamlining the entire process to franchise a company, in any sector, in under 45 days that is affordable for any business. Franchise Guardian® is one of the very few companies in the Franchise consultancy and franchise development sector that actually owns and operates franchise companies that have went on to achieve successes such as, fastest growing Franchise, Top 100 Franchise and being ranked in the Franchise 500. Whether you have one or 100 location , our team has the experience and capability, utilizing our hands on approach and methodologies to launch your brand nationally and work with you on sustaining your brands rapid growth and success! With Decades of collective experience in franchising and brand expansion, coupled with our hands on approach from start to success, franchising and business development with Franchise Guardian® is a breeze.

The Guardian Strategy

Franchise Guardian® utilizes a strategy that we call the “Guardian Strategy” that ensures you can easily manage the rapid growth you will experience in the franchise sector. From creating the entire infrastructure and foundation for franchising success, to providing you with a sales force that vets and presents your opportunity using our proprietary digital presentation for optimal experience and conversions, our strategy leaves no voids. Franchise Guardian® deploys modernized methods and techniques that illustrate your brands values and opportunity to prospective franchisees with pinpoint precision that results in the highest success rates, conversion and growth. When working with Franchise Guardian® experts you will never be overwhelmed or worried about how to manage this fast pace growth agenda, we are your all in one department, your corporate team behind the scenes.

A Different Approach

Franchise Guardian® takes a far different approach then traditional franchise development service companies. We work side by side with you readying your brand for national expansion, consulting on every topic, creating tangible services such as your Franchise agreement, operating manuals, marketing materials, establishing and growing upon your digital footprint and all the Guardian strategy services so that you can leverage the full potential of your brands expansion. Our services are non transactional, but rather approached from a relationship perspective that creates a paradigm of transparency, organization and the building blocks needed to achieve ultimate success for your brand and franchisees. Our Different approach for the first time ensures Franchisor success early on and circumvents the costly mistakes a new franchise company can make and sets your brand on a trajectory of success.

Franchise sales team

Sales Team

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Sports grill Franchise opporuntity
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  • Franchisor trainingComprehensive training required
  • Franchise agreement Written by an attorney
  • Audited accounting services Conducted by an accountant

Franchise Guardian®… Your corporate team behind the scenes!

Barry Smith
Fit Pro
The best thing that’s ever happened to my brand was finding Franchise Guardian. They’ve help me develop my franchise model faster than I’d ever imagined or expected! Kudos
Michael Cooper
Kevin and his team are great. Very professional and knowledgeable. Very aggressive growth with a smart plan is what you can expect. Top notch service and truly innovative ideas Are the norm.
Jonathan Eck
I have been partnered with Franchise Guardian for 3 months now. Kevin has done everything as promised and beyond. I highly recommend them if you are interested in expanding your business.