GrubMate leadership


NGBB by GrubMate was founded much like any great idea, a desire to solve a problem. Established over several years, the CEO, a real Estate entrepreneur, had a vision to create a unique concept that transforms boats into floating restaurants and channels into commerce ways.


With an overwhelming desire to make this a reality, the founders launched the concept in sunny SW Florida to prove their concept. Within less than a month they experienced a frenzy from beachgoers and sold out within hours. With the overwhelming reaction from consumers, their Social media pages exploding, content going viral, and landing on the morning news, they knew they solved more than a problem, but actually birthed an exciting and even fun industry!


With their proprietor menu consisting of the famous Mississippi Poboy sandwich, beach favorites such as hot dogs, double stacked burgers, ice cream and much more, the concept was more than a hit, but a revolutionary concept that was only gaining momentum! With years of experience in various marketplaces, coupled with their extensive entrepreneurial background, the GrubMate model creation is not only a hot concept, but a knew sector in which these CEO’s are now inviting ambitious entrepreneurs to soak up the sun while actually turning profits in a truly explosive and innovative venture!


  • Complete Serve ready boat with all initial inventory on day one- NO stress
  • Proprietary Operations Manual drafted for your GrubMate location 
  • Absentee ownership options available. Run ready and serve ready options 
  • An overall 95% success rate compared to Going it alone- we are a team

  • Years of industry knowledge that circumvents costly trial and error
  • Initial & ongoing inventory sourced and delivered to your location
  • Superior Menu Items developed over yrs, branded and exclusive to you
  • Established Reputation and marketshare from surrounding areas
  • Site selection, competitor analysis and best GEO choice Guaranteed
  • Initial and on-going Fanatical corporate support and systems for success
  • Established superior web presence, local SEO media management pkgs
  • A corporate team of experts in your corner 24/7 – 365 days a year
  • Proven model and brand that consumer trust and you can count on
  • Join GrubMate, and get in business for yourself and NOT by yourself

Success does not come to you, YOU GO TO IT! You come this far, let start the fun!