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March 24th, 2022
Pause to Launch a Kava Bar in Boca Raton
[Boca Raton], [Florida] – Mar 24, 2022 –

This weekend, Pause, a Florida-based kava and kratom bar, plans on debuting its fifth location at 2621 N. Federal Hwy Suite W. Boca Raton, FL. 33431 with many more under development and a spin-off hit Vegan restaurant named “pauseitively Vegan”. Pause is excited and happy to expand and grow their community to Boca Raton, FL, bringing forth a sense of relaxation and connectedness.
Like the other locations at Deerfield Beach, Del Ray Beach, and Lake Worth, Pause will serve delicious and soothing drinks made from kava and kratom. The Boca Raton location will provide patrons even more space with a relaxing and unique vibe that encourages all visitors to take a moment, enjoy, unwind, and reset with this exotic and beneficial elixir from the South Pacific.

Pause is a fast-growing franchise, starting only one year ago in the franchise segment, it already has Five including its spin-off location, more under development and another a projected ten more by the end of the summer. The bar is all set to host its grand opening on Mid April offering huge giveaways, deals and an exciting kick off Grand Opening Party. The company is opening its 1st of five franchises in Boca Raton, Florida, and has plans to expand the brand to many other locations in the future. Pause’s mission is to offer the Boca Raton community a kava and kratom bar that is welcoming to all people for an excellent, fun, and friendly environment.

Pause Kava Bar hosts a variety of drinks and other snacks that ease the soul and relax the mind, brewed with only the finest kava. “Kava has a soothing and relaxing feeling,” said Kelly H McCormick, owner of Pause. “It is a considerably better alternative to a Saturday night out than doing shots and driving back home drunk. We are so happy and excited to have this great opportunity to bring kava and kratom to the Boca Raton area and be able to share in this unique experience with the community.” She further said, “This newest location will bring the same relaxing and nice vibe to Boca Raton as has been established in Deerfield Beach, Del Ray Beach, and Lake Worth. We have done plenty of research in opening this fourth kava bar in Florida. Since the opening of our first location, we have expanded and improved partnerships with distributors in the South Pacific in order to provide our customers with more variety and better quality of kava and kratom products that we are excited and pleased to bring to the new location.”

Kava is a plant in the famous pepper family that’s native to the Pacific Islands. Kava is a very powerful medicinal plant that’s been used for more than 2500 years as a relaxant and natural sleep aid while supporting the relief of nervousness, minor stress, and mild anxiety.It is ground into a powder and then squeezed. After that, it is served cold in traditional coconut shells or shallow bowls at all Pause locations in Florida. Kava is a popular and healthy social drink in the South Pacific, used during various celebrations, known to calm the mind and promote relaxation. Customers of Pause’s new kava and kratom bar must be at least eighteen years to consume the product. Drinking kava regularly can help with relaxation and elevate mood. According to some research studies, kava can be very useful in treating insomnia and anxiety, according to the University Of Maryland Medical Center.

On the other hand, kratom is a plant in the coffee family that’s native to Southeast Asia. At Pause, kratom is prepared carefully by brewing and steeping the leaves of the plant. The beverage is then served with various fruit juices like mango. Kratom can boost a person’s mood and help them focus. In addition to amazing kava products, the Pause Bar menu will highlight a nice variety of coffees, herbal teas, and an assortment of delicious snacks. The new bar will feature mixed drinks, such as chai and coffee as well as specialty drinks, like Pina Colada. Pause..Boca is welcoming the Boca community to come on in and celebrate with them. they will be offering huge deals, prizes, entertainment and much more! Experience excellence you can feel at Boca’s best Kava bar, Pause…Boca! Click below for instant directions and redeem deals today!

About Pause

Pause offers a unique combination of drinks and services to renew the soul and regenerate from the stress of everyday life. Besides its lounge and exotic tea and coffee bar, Pause is also pleased to offer CBD products, a Vegan Lite Bites menu, and much more! Take a Pause.. And stop by our newest location to experience excellence!

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