Value of consultancy

Value of consultancy

So someone told you Consultants are a waste of money? Or maybe you just don’t understand paying someone else to find a problem that seemingly you can solve, whatever the case, Consultancy can save you tens of thousands of dollars on costly decisions and trial and error that is wholly avoidable! Did you know that practically all Fortune 500 companies have consultants working in every area of their business? From Marketing, sales, finances, accounting, budgets and allocations and so on. A qualified consultant has seen the internal workings of dozens of business models, hence providing significant value to your endeavors. Knowing this, still with the entrepreneurs analytical mind, most will want to see how it breaks down in dollars, well you should at least..  


So how do you quantify the value obtained by being consulted on a topic? It’s actually very easy and makes a lot of sense! First, it’s important that you are being consulted by someone who has done whatever you are seeking, Secondly you need to consider how much you would lose, if, for example; you misallocated marketing funds that were meant to make money, not lose money and most know the Monetary and sweat equity losses can be hard to swallow… 


Consider this with one single example of a marketing misallocation, now compare it to the cost of consultancy to the potential losses, and you will find your answer. For example; if you were charged $300.00 from a knowledgeable consultant that has been where you are and made the mistakes you are about to potentially make, with an allocated marketing budget of $5,000.00, now consider you did not lose on that marketing expenditure by avoiding the mistake altogether by being consulted on the topic prior to launch, you saved $4,700.00 on that singular decision, not including how successful the appropriate allocations would gain considering your marketing for a ROI to begin with…NOW, multiply that by dozens of misallocations or misappropriations, that can lead to bankruptcy…


As you can see, consultancy can be very valuable. So, for the people whom think consultancy is “dumb”, you have yet to be the recipient of a tremendous, but avoidable mistake. Whether it is general consultancy, or having an around the clock consultancy team, which the Franchising curriculum provides, having the right people consulting can mean immediate and serious gains and the difference between success or failure in some cases! look… You were just consulted for FREE… Imagine that…


Business is serious business, don’t go it alone! Whether choosing a franchise that provides everything from the layout, to the internal operations and support, or hiring a consultant that is knowledgeable in your field, the extra money is not a waste and can provide more value then this short article considers. Reach out today! 



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