Innovative Franchise development

Fort Myers—Business Owners Rave About Franchise Guardian’s Innovative Franchise development process and Smart Approach to Building Franchises. Franchising is ready to take the leap into a new era of efficiency and profitability.

Using a unique approach that focuses on step-by-step consulting and a variety of success-driven services, Franchise Guardian makes buying, selling and starting a franchise an enjoyable and profitable experience.

“Franchise Guardian is the most modern revolutionary franchise opportunity on the market. Offering low cost, turn-key ready all the way to a higher cost, more complex franchise,” founder Kevin Monahan said.

“Franchise Guardian encompasses all facets of GEO and demographic opportunities. ”

The Guardian Strategy

Franchise Guardian approaches its clients with something the company calls the “Guardian Strategy”.

This strategy focuses on helping clients manage the rapid growth they’ll experience as they take their brands national.

The most Innovative Franchise development Strategy uses modern techniques to market your business, techniques that emphasize what makes your business different from all the other competitors.

As a result, franchisees embrace clients’ brands without any surprises. They know the franchise’s purpose, culture and goals. And with this knowledge of a franchise’s business model, franchisees open their locations already ahead of the game.The Foundation of Success: Relationships

Franchise Guardian’s approach focuses on relationships. Rather than treating their clients like transactions, they take time to know and understand individuals.

Taking a business nationwide requires incredible expertise, which Franchise Guardian provides. However, success in the franchise world isn’t just limited to expertise. It’s about knowing a story, embracing that story and walking side-by-side with business owners to understand their

journey and vision.Many of the franchise services available to aspiring business owners emphasize process and transactions over personal connections. While Franchise Guardian has proven processes in place, the company understands that success requires a holistic approach:

relationships, infrastructure and results.Franchise Guardian works behind the scenes to ensure your success; their notoriety isn’t as important to them as your prosperity. Customers Agree: Franchise Guardian – Clients who work with Franchise Guardian see why the company’s

emphasis on relationships and success isn’t an empty promise. Barry Smith, founder and CEO of Louisiana-based fitness brand FitPro Factory, said Franchise Guard’s unique approach helped him realize his dreams quicker than expected.

“The best thing that’s ever happened to my brand was finding Franchise Guard,” Smith said. “They’ve helped me develop my franchise model faster than I’d ever imagined or expected.”

Florida-based franchise owner Michael Cooper was looking for a way to take expand his company throughout the Sunshine State. Franchise Guardian provided the solution he needed.

“The team is great. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Expect a smart plan with very aggressive growth. Their service is top-notch and truly innovative ideas are the norm,” Cooper said.

Franchise Guardian® has recently been awarded Most Innovative Franchise developers from CV magazine based out of the UK. is accepting franchisers from a variety of locations. To find out if your business is in an area where we’re offering services, go to to learn more.

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