Pause… Unveils New Herbal Products 

By Lisa Barringer, Franchise Guardian® Writer

DELRAY, Fla., May 26, 2021  ̶  As analysts examine the global swelling in the herbal stress relief supplements market, Florida’s Pause… kava bar is conducting its own product sampling study. Pause… at 131 Swinton, on Delray Beach, is selling its own proprietary blends of kratom, kava and now CBD to meet a high customer demand.

The exotic tea and coffee bar franchise brews and serves custom drinks made of kava and kratom extract, tea or powder and CBD. Pause…has two locations on Florida’s East Coast. The popularity of Pause… specialty drinks and the owners’ desire to provide quality, tried and tested products for customers to use at home prompted their decision to sell ingredients commercially.

“We decided to start our own proprietary blends because the industry is heavily saturated with products that may not be up to our standards or even adulterated,” said Pause… co-owner Chloe Hill, stressing that the bar uses the same goods it sells. “We are able to offer the most reasonable prices for the best products.”

Kratom and kava are native plants of the Pacific islands and Southeast Asia. They’re known, worldwide, as natural treatments for anxiety, depression, pain and stress. Manufacturers usually sell different strains of the herbs’ extracts, either in liquid, powder or tablet form.

A Verified Market Research study reveals a global increase in the kava extract supplements market since 2018, including annual growth in the U.S. The COVID-19 pandemic reportedly caused a dip in the market, which is projected to recover and grow yearly through 2028. Pause… appears to be a welcomed addition to the market.

The brand sells kratom and kava in powder and liquid forms, and its product inventory is steadily growing. Fans can shop for Pause… products, namely its Red, Green and White Maeng Da kratom powder, exclusively on Prices range from $35 to $75 for 50 to 224 grams of the packaged kratom. The company’s new Vanuatu kava blend is imported directly from the South Pacific island.

Pause… recently introduced full-spectrum CBD products of various potencies and prices. One-ounce bottles of pure hemp oil, CBD gummies, relief creams, roll-on gels and bacon-flavored pet drops are available to purchase at the lounge. Pause… owners say they’ve received positive customer feedback since they started selling the CBD line two months ago. All Pause… CBD products are manufactured in Doral, Florida.

“The gummies are actually one of our best sellers, but people enjoy the different options we offer as far as topical creams or ingestibles,” Hill said. “We had a customer who went through spine surgery, and he used our Lidocaine roll-on gel regularly. He reported it gave him a lot of relief during the recovery process, so much so he bought two more bottles.”

With its booming kava bar enterprise and entry into the thriving commercial market, Pause… is a prime franchise option.

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