Time for Pause …, A Budding Kava Franchise

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., April 26th, 2021  ̶By Franchise Guardian®  

A new kava bar establishment in Florida invites residents to press the pause button on life’s hustle and bustle and wind down at its hideouts of serenity. However, entrepreneurs shouldn’t rest on its vigorous Kava franchise opportunities. 

Pause…, an innovative bar and lounge in South Florida, sells tranquility to its customers in more ways than one, and communities are eagerly buying into the concept. The exotic tea and coffee bar offers a full menu of custom-brewed kava and kratom drinks to usher patrons to relaxation. Pause… has two locations that opened within a year of one another  ̶  the premier bar on Delray Beach, and the succeeding Deerfield Beach spot that debuted last fall. With its liquid recipes for rejuvenation, Pause… has secured a place in the robust kava bar industry. It’s among more than 75 kava bars in Florida; close to 200 nationwide, according to a list at kalmwithkava.com. Nearby St. Petersburg, Florida, with kava bars by the dozens, is considered the nation’s kava capital.

At Pause…, “kavatenders” serve kava and kratom by the shot, on tap or as a specialty drink. The “Serendipity,” “Fire Escape” and “Dusty Shot” specialty drinks are made of kratom extract, tea or powder (with a boost of CBD, blue lotus or damiana extracts in some mixtures). As for kava, the bar serves up single, double or triple shots of the healthful nootropic beverage. Kava and kratom are tropical plants native of the Pacific islands and Southeast Asia and known globally for their medicinal benefits, including as natural treatments for anxiety, depression, pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

The herbal drinks are not the only way to respite at Pause…. Takers can breathe their way to comfort for $1 per minute at the Delray Pause…’s aromatherapeutic Oxygen Bar. Besides the oxygen and herbal beverages, Pause… has a food menu of lite vegan snacks that customers nibble as they sip and socialize for calmness in a dimly-lit and purple-hued velvet lounge. The drinks plus the ambiance equal a type of euphoria that’s hard to leave or pass up.

“Often Pause customers say something like this, ‘Wow! I only came here to grab a drink, and I am still here – three hours later. What the heck?’” said Pause… owner Kelly McCormick, who runs the business with her two children.

“And we say, ‘Oh yes! It happens to everybody who comes into Pause… not planning to stay too long. We call it The Pause Effect.’”

Making sure that every customer feels that effect is what helps the franchise succeed.

“Pause… is truly a family business. Kelly wanted to create a space that was both unique and inviting; a place where people from all walks of life could feel comfortable and at home, free to make connections and grow,” explains the company’s online business statement.

With the explosive growth and success Pause experienced so early on, coupled with the overwhelming interest from entrepreneurs to open a Pause location, Pause began franchising in 2020. Pause is seeking motivated entrepreneurs that are passionate about introducing these holistic approaches and have what it takes to operate a Pause location. Kelly, the CEO and Founder of pause says “while we understand how lucrative this industry can be, and how attractive it can be for entrepreneurs to make sure into this industry, we still want the right people on our team that can deliver excellence, maintain our high standards, and a create the Pause affect nationwide”.


Pause…at 131
131 N. Swinton Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Pause…at 155

155 NE 2nd Ave.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

If you think you have what it takes to operate a Pause Kava Franchise reach out today for more information at Franchise Guardian® info@franchiseguardian.com.

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