Candy Food Truck® – The Sweetest Franchise Opportunity Available

Oklahoma’s Only Candy Food Truck is Going National!

Tulsa, Oklahoma: Candy Food Truck®, the sweetest Candy franchise opportunity around is seeking to expand its brand by offering future franchisees a truly unique concept in the food truck industry. As a responsible franchisor, Candy Food Truck® will ensure that new partners are set up to succeed by guiding them every step of the way. Currently, the Candy Food Truck is a staple in and around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, where they have developed a loyal and consistent following of candy enthusiasts. This revolutionary food truck idea is now in prime position to reach out, and broaden its reach nationally. 

“Candy Food Truck® is the future of candy stores, and the dessert industry,” states owner Shane Emerson. “No longer do you have to get in your car and drive, when we can simply come to you and offer a larger and more impressive selection of candy than what you will find in stores.” As a franchisee, Candy Food Truck® will guide new entrepreneurs with a workable, easy to follow business model, while offering clients a fun and festive experience that they will always remember. This franchise brings delight to people of all ages, as the extensive variety of candy ensures there will always be something new to discover for repeat customers.  

Candy Food Truck® – A Modern Approach to the Candy Industry 

Candy, candy, and more candy is what Candy Food Truck® is all about. The Candy Food Truck may quite possibly contain the widest range of candy on planet earth. With over 200 types of sweet delights, customers are guaranteed to enjoy their favorites whenever the Candy Food Truck is around. A special feature of the Candy Food Truck is the “Giant $1 Wall of Candy.” By presenting customers with candy at this low price point, the Candy Truck is affordable for all consumers. The Candy Food Truck also has an official ICEE machine with three different flavors – allowing everyone to savor these flavorful, frozen beverages.  

The mobility of the Candy Food Truck is one of its essential and important features. As a year-round business, the Candy Food Truck is in position to set up during the hot, summer months, in addition to the winter and holiday seasons. The Candy Truck is also versatile enough to set up anywhere. Having visited block parties, day cares, churches, fairs, schools, birthday parties, and weddings, the food truck can attend just about any function or event.   

About Candy Food Truck® 

Candy is always on the mind of franchise owner Shane Emerson. The original idea for a candy food truck was literally thought of in a dream that Emerson had. With extreme drive and perseverance, he put that dream to reality, and Candy Food Truck® was born. Having been in the candy business since 1990, Emerson knows all of the ins and outs of the trade. His “delicious” candy food truck idea is one of the most popular and sought after food trucks in the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  

Benefits of joining Candy Food Truck are many, here are just a few good reasons to take a serious look at Franchising with Candy Food Truck® in the exploding candy franchise sector; One employee operations, turnkey design, layout and even a fully ready and stocked truck, initial and ongoing inventory at reduced prices, a new sector, huge influencer reach, proof of concept established, wide territory availability, omit the trial and error, low start up costs and huge growth opportunity and exciting and rewarding business adventure. Contact us today to find out if you are a good match with Candy Food Truck! 


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