Presotea, the most recognized and highest quality Bubble Tea brand in the world, will revolutionize the Oregon market by delivering the purest, freshest, brewed teas to the deserving people of the Pacific Northwest

The explosive growth of the Bubble Tea industry in recent years has taken the world by storm.  Successful visionaries like Presotea have left consumers in the United States buzzing.  With over 370 thriving locations around the world, we are continuing our outreach by exploring franchise opportunities in the adventurous state of Oregon.  From Eugene to Portland to Salem, our brand will set the standard in the specialty drink market by offering one-of-a kind beverages in addition to the friendly, community driven service that Oregonians expect. 

What is Bubble Tea and why does Presotea rule the market

Bubble Tea, also referred to as Boba Tea, is a delicious drink that incorporates tapioca pearls into a variety of fruit or milk flavored teas and smoothies.  Originating in Taiwan, Presotea allows these tasty spheres of tapioca to add a pleasing texture and flavor to both savory and sweet concoctions.  Presotea has perfected a sensational Bubble Tea menu that highlights the freshest tapioca available, and only uses freshly brewed tea in each made to order drink. By combining extensive research and development, we are able to utilize the advanced principles of thermodynamics to extract the pure, organic essence of our tea leaves. This enable us to present a consistent and superb libation each and every time.  Customers are also enamored by our clean, crisp, and modern stores.  Refined, yet simple, each Presotea location is designed to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for patrons to visit and return to time and time again.   

Why Franchise in Oregon?

The answer is simple!  The fun, unique, energetic people of the “Beaver State” deserve the best, and that is exactly what Presotea delivers.  Presotea is one of the fastest growing franchise businesses around, and we are seeking diverse, business-minded people like you to join in on the Bubble Tea excitement. We are currently looking to expand into the thrilling Oregon market, and we are inspired to license our brand and technology to those looking to join us in transforming this extraordinary, dynamic drink industry.  Presotea continues to rapidly expand, and if you have the drive, passion, and determination to join us on this delightful journey, we are interested in hearing from you. The next Presotea America shop could be yours.  Presotea and Oregon – a match made in Bubble Tea Heaven!  

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