Franchising Generates Success

Franchise Guardian® to Entrepreneurs: CEOs Agree…Franchising Generates Success

Fort Myers—Amid a frightened market, Franchise Guardian® is reminding business owners that franchising remains an incredible way to generate success.

Over the past four years, a variety of franchisor brands have seen their popularity skyrocket, including Popeye’s, PROSE and BurgerFi. CEOs from each of those companies have commented on the joy they have running a franchised company, as well as the secrets to their success.

Cheryl Bachelder: I Love Franchisee’s Passion and Talent

Cheryl Bachelder is a board member for Chick-fil-A, but before her current job, she was the interim CEO at Pier 1, the CEO of Popeye’s for 10 years and CEO at KFC.

Bachelder elaborated on what she loves most about franchising when she penned a column for the Oct. 2016 edition of the Harvard Business Review.

“But what I really love is the opportunity to work with the passionate, talented entrepreneurs who own and operate the restaurants,” she said. “They’re buying into the brand in a way that traditional employees don’t. They’ve made a huge investment of money and time. Being a franchisee isn’t a job you can quit—it’s your life.”

And that life has proven to be the bedrock of Bachelder’s success, scoring CEO roles at three major companies and now sitting on the board of America’s favorite fast-food chain.

Dave Crisalli: Profit Is About Picking the Right People to Lead

Crisalli engineered the rise of Massage Envy, the massage-shop franchise that grew to more than 1,000 locations at the time Crisalli left to launch nail salon PROSE.

In a Dec. 2018 interview with Chief Executive, Crisalli said his leadership philosophy focuses on three main areas.

“I’ve always had three focuses as a leader: people, strategy, and execution,” Crisalli said. “If you come up to me any day, you can put pretty much everything that I’m doing in any one of those three important areas.”

Part of his emphasis on people includes picking the right leaders and franchisees.

“In order for a franchise organization to ultimately be successful, success always begins with selection…It’s picking and selecting wonderful people that have shared values and really want to go out of the way to create something great,” he said. “We are focused on making the best. We’re really working hard on quality and we think when we focus on that profit follows.”

Corey Winograd: Booming Growth in Five Years

Winograd moved up through the ranks at franchise BurgerFi, a fast-casual burger joint with location across the country. He became CEO in 2014 and led the company until June 2019.

He talked about what drove the company’s success from two shops to more than 100 and sales topping $100 million.

“What gets me up in the morning is having the opportunity to help BurgerFi employees achieve their dreams,“ he told the South Florida Business Journal in July 2018. “Our…training program helps them work other stations and learn other skills. I love playing a part in having my co-workers take advantage of the program, which contributes to their professional growth.”

Your Time Is Now

If you think there’s no way you can become the next Bachelder, Crisalli or Winograd, you’re mistaken. But in order to get there, you need guidance and expertise.

Franchise Guardian® provides both, using their proven Guardian Strategy to generate success. Contact Franchise Guardian® today to learn how to leverage your business for nationwide profitability.

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