Kava bars Explosive growth and expansion into vacant commercial real estate spaces across the country are raising eyebrows and interest. 


Kava bars are gaining serious traction across the United States with strong interest from consumers and entrepreneurs. Kava bars have been steadily attracting increased consumer interest by consistently innovating for product excellence, superiority, best practices and education . While kava is not new to the world and has been around for centuries in multiple countries, Kava bars in the USA are relatively new and have birthed a sector for the introduction, sales, and education of these miracle products. Kava, Kratom and CBD are now emerging as an organic remedy for stress, pain, and anxiety reducing alternatives that are highly appealing in today’s climate where many are more conscientious of what they consume and further by the organic nature of these products. 


Pause…, a newly established Kava bar, is truly taking the industry by storm and setting a new standard and commitment to its customers. With its modernized, relaxing, inviting and welcoming atmosphere, customers experience a warm and unwinding sense of comfort while visiting a Pause location. Offering only the best Kava, Kratom, CBD Oils, herbal teas, and coffees, Pause truly offers a special dynamic to community.  Creating a model with a multi faceted purpose aimed at bringing people together, educating customers on the use of these new and emerging products is truly an appealing business model in any sector.


What is Kava and Kratom 

Kava and Kratom are natural organic remedies that are extracted from plants in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. Kava is an herbal tea that is used to relieve stress, boost mood, aid in proper sleep, and reduce anxiety, attracting many customers seeking relief from the various conditions or for mere relaxation. It has further been reported that clarity of mind, sense of happiness, and additional benefits have been reported after consumption of these products. While CBD effects are becoming more mainstream and understood, Kava and Kratom are still heavily debated. What we do know, it is reported that Kratom is similar to Kava, while the consensus for one of the benefits of Kava is clarity of mind, Kratom effects have similarly been coupled with either a calming effect, an energetic effect, heightened focus, and cognitive stimulation after consumption. What is most appealing for users is what has been widely reported from consumers of these products – after consumption of Kava, Kratom, or CBD, bodily pains or mental discomforts that avert people from comfortably socializing quickly diminishes after the use of these products thereby providing a unique but perfect venue to meet friends, experiment and learn which products are best for the consumer. 


Best products

Pause stocks a wide variety of the best Kava, Kratom and CBD products appealing to many demographics, which allows for the exploration of the best herbal remedies on the market at one place, Pause. Pause understands to its core, that some people may be a little skeptical or apprehensive about Kava and Kratom due to the large populus being unfamiliar with these new products – to address this, qualified Pause staff go to great lengths and details in explaining the difference between Kava, Kratom, CBD, the vast differences within each category and their respected subspecies which provides a sense of comfort and comradery inherently instilling a level of trust needed for consumers to make a well informed decision.


Become a part of the Pause Team

Pause recently began offering franchises and is aggressively expanding across the country. Offering product excellence and diversity, a revolutionary concept for change, coupled with a unique atmosphere, Pause is excited and ambitiously expanding rapidly. Pause’s timing is strategic- providing a perfect antidote and escape from a hyper intense, stressful world with seemingly less business opportunity due to the current state of world affairs. Pause’s principles aim to reduce mental anguish through cultural unification, superior product offerings, and an escape venue. Pause is elated to be positioned to help consumers and provide entrepreneurs a viable business model to take a serious look at.


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